You’ll love this unusual DIGITAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE job –

but only if you are an unusual person

We don’t care what your age, gender or outlook is, if you think you'd enjoy handling all of the following activities being a part of our team in Sofia:

  • Prepare/manage digital marketing campaigns for clients, often in absurdly urgent deadlines.
  • Take care of the daily digital activities on Facebook and Google – manage them, push ads that are working well, check what doesn’t work (and why). Make MS Excel exports and format data.
  • Offer alternatives and contribute with plenty of added value, even when nobody is asking for it.
  • Work with clients on a daily basis - discuss projects, send urgent reports, offer new strategies and campaigns, provide proper solutions to current issues, etc. Previous experience is a big plus for you.
  • Deal with everyday issues related to campaign management – bombard with emails some helpdesk guys, read boring automatic replies that don’t actually solve your problem, find the appropriate contact people and push them to answer promptly, etc.
  • Find all sorts of things on the internet (please, be very good at that!) and in the office.
  • Inhabit a very fast-moving and constantly narrowing office with occasionally (read it as frequently) excitable colleagues.
  • Pay utmost attention to small, but important details and be surprisingly well-organized.
  • Read and analyze big amounts of data and optimize digital campaigns on a daily basis.
  • NB! Have a very good idea about what PPC, CPA and CPM is, how Facebook Ads and Google AdWords work, or what a landing page is. Solid previous experience with building and managing campaigns in either Facebook or Google is a must. 
  • Be able to express yourself in a clear, brief and polite manner, so that (almost) everybody understands what you actually mean – without having to repeat it again. This is important both when you work with customers and with their customers.
  • Write quickly plenty of emails in both Bulgarian and English.
  • Successfully avoid boring grammar and punctuation mistakes (both in Bulgarian and English). Of course, good command of other languages will benefit you.
  • Do unusual things sometimes (like unloading heavy parcels or packing items together for an absurdly urgent campaign – all this without murmuring “It’s not my job!”).
  • Comprehend what on earth some people are talking about…
  • Discuss with customers their problems and provide them with the proper solution.
  • Provide timely support to other colleagues in their daily activities – but only sometimes.

All this without getting paid a fortune – but for a reasonable rate for the job done, plus experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else (we are quite sure about this).

Do you find it challenging?

Our name is well known in the direct & digital marketing field. We manage campaigns with remarkable results for clients whose names you will immediately recognize.

We do plenty of presentations, we run seminars and sometimes we even write e-books. All this from a small office in Sofia, where we manage activities for Bulgaria and other countries.

We have fun doing it all. And we need someone who is in for the long haul, enthusiastic and not just looking for a stepping stone, but willing to learn new stuff and apply commonsense, attention to details and curiosity in almost all aspects of the job.

If you’re interested please send your CV enclosed to, with a cover letter saying why you think you are the right person. We want to find someone who is good enough and able to start in June – and spend some time on an intensive training from us.

Please, be sure of your application before you send it, as once it's in, it's in. Applications will be kept strictly confidential, and we hope you'll share your interests and enthusiasm with us. The final deadline is May 7th at noon, Sofia time.

If you haven't discovered how to apply yet, you should read the announcement once again - it's all here.

Also, if you know people who might benefit from this job, please send them a link to this page!

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted between May 11th and 13th, 2015 and they will be invited to a group test on literacy, digital marketing skills and problem solving. If they do it well, an interview will follow in a week.

If you don’t get a call from us during that period, you will get an e-mail, guaranteed.

No additional calls or emails, please. Thank you in advance!

Mediapost HIt Mail Bulgaria Ltd.

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